Forest Management Planning

What is Forest Stewardship Planning? 

Forest stewardship planning is the wise management and use of our forest resources to ensure their health and productivity for years to come. It helps landowners not only with timber value, but also to leave a living forest legacy for future generations. Stewardship is concerned with all aspects of the forest, living and nonliving. It involves the protection of biologically unique or important areas along with the responsible harvesting of trees for people's use and it recognizes the role that forests play in the global environment.

A Stewardship Plan helps you accomplish, in the best way possible, what you want to do with your property, whether or not that includes timber harvesting. The goal is to sustain healthy and productive forests for people and for wildlife.

The program includes a written management plan for your forestland. It could provide cost-share money to help you pay for that plan.

Objective: To optimize the short-term and long-term benefits of forest management activities through adequate planning:

What is the purpose of a timber harvest? splash_image2.jpg (13308 bytes)

The main objective of a timber harvest is to cut and remove the mature, damaged, defective, and poor quality trees. This enables the remaining trees to receive more sun light, and help regenerate new tree undergrowth.

Did you know that private landowners own most of Pennsylvania's forestland?

What do you want from your woodland property?

Why manage your woodland property? 

Woodland can be managed for a variety of benefits, including timber value, wildlife, recreation, environmental, and soil and water conservation. 

What do trees do for us?

Offer income possibilities
Make our water cleaner and safer
Create a natural habitat and food for all kinds of wildlife
Restore forest ecosystems damaged by wildfire.
Many kinds of trees are used for shade & recreation
Offset greenhouse gases from cars and homes
Used for fuel to heat homes and businesses
Clean the air and return pure oxygen
Cool the air, land, and water with leafy shade and moisture
Wood from trees is used for building materials
Ground up wood is used to make paper 
Sap is used to make maple syrup, chewing gum, crayons, paint, and soap
Help prevent soil erosion















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