Timber Appraisals

A timber appraisal will provide the landowner with an estimated value of what their timber is worth at the present time. Prices of timber fluctuate with the supply, demand, and species of timber available.

To complete an accurate timber appraisal an inventory of the woodland is taken. The number of trees and their measurements are kept on tally sheets, and then converted into actual volumes for each tree species marked. The value of each species is then determined by the market price at that time.

Harvesting timber can bring a landowner not only income, but a lasting, positive impact on their timberland.

fall_trees.jpg (48228 bytes) Many woodland owners are reluctant to harvest timber for fear of destroying their
Forestland's beauty, recreational value, and wildlife habitat. If a timber sale is managed correctly, the improvement to the woodland will out-weigh the very small effect of timbering. 

Income from a timber sale can be used to better improve the woodlands, such as: 
spraying for harmful insects, such as gypsy moth, spraying to kill unwanted vegetation, and cutting grapevine.

Having timber put up for bid will get the landowner a much higher market value for their timber.















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