Timber Marketing

One of the most frequently asked questions is, why do I need a forester? 

1. Landowners deserve a fair market value for their timber.
2. Prepare a plan for the productive management of timberland. 
3. Provide timber volume estimates, inventories, appraisals, tree planting, and timber stand improvement.
4. Treat the landowner fairly and provide proper management of their timberland.
5. Expertise in timber marketing knowledge.

Most landowners do not realize just how valuable their timber resource is. There is a strong demand for timber of good quality and loggers are willing to pay a competitive price. Through my marking and selling of timber on the open market, I have been able to substantially increase the landowner's profits.

ColorfulMaple.jpg (33220 bytes) Timber harvesting can be used as a management tool to improve the woodlands. They can then be passed on in good or better condition than before a timber sale.

Each tree to be cut is individually measured, and scaled for length. Then the tree is marked with tree marking paint: one mark at breast height and another at the stump.

The number of trees and their measurements are kept on tally sheets, and then converted into actual volumes for each tree species marked.

Forestry services include:

  1. Selecting, measuring, and marking, mature, defective, damaged, and poor quality saw-timber size trees for sale and harvest; Size will depend on each individual forest-land.
  2. Recording and computing the resulting timber sale data;
  3. Provision of confidential estimate of the value of the marked timber;
  4. Conducting a tour of the timber sale area for prospective buyers;
  5. Generally/preliminarily, assist with the timber sale contract, however, such general/preliminary assistance will only be given to the extent and authorized by you/the Seller in writing;
  6. On-site inspection of harvest operations.
  7. With the approval of Seller, if possible, to consent for or to withhold consent to the cutting of unmarked or young trees which Purchaser believes is necessary to facilitate logging operations.
  8. With the approval of Seller, if possible, to consent or to withhold consent for designating areas to which Purchaser desires to use for skid trails, landing areas and haul roads.
  9. To direct Purchaser as to which areas shall be seeded, mulched and fertilized.
  10. To ensure that the Purchaser, logger and cutter do not cut trees which are not marked.
  11. To direct Purchaser as to when to perform half-tree and log-size skidding.













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