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Most landowners do not realize the ecological services provided by the variety of wildlife inhabiting their forest. Each wildlife species performs a specific function in the ecosystem that directly benefits other living organisms, including people. Insect control is one of the major benefits of wildlife habitat.

Wildlife is an import part of any healthy forest community. Forest provides food and shelter for numerous wildlife species. As a result many of these species aid in seed dispersal, forest pest control, and many other ecological tasks that insure healthy forests.

Each wildlife species requires four basic elements to survive: food, cover, water, and habitat. For a particular species to inhabit your land, each element of that species' habitat must exist in sufficient quantity and quality.

You can make a difference regardless of how large or small your forest is. The proper management of your forest will help the populations of native species of wildlife continue for future generations.

In Pennsylvania, more than 60 percent of all adults participate in some form of recreation related to wildlife. A major benefit gained from owning forestland is being able to participate in hunting, fishing, bird watching, picnicking, hiking, and other recreational activities on your own property.

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