Noll’s Forestry Services (NFS) has been in the forest management and timber marketing business since 1983. Paul Noll is the founder and continues at present as a consultant. Paul has been a leading advocate of promoting and providing services of sustainable forestry throughout central Pennsylvania. He presently is the vice president of the Allegheny Mountain Woodland Association. Through his involvement in the Association he helps educate landowners about proper forest management issues.

In March of 2017 Ron Westover partnered with Paul Noll to continue and expand the work and services of NFS. He serves as the manager of the company. Ron has 25 years experience working in forestry and land management services. He is a licensed real estate agent, and also provides professional hunting lease management for landowners. With the combination of Ron being a Real Estate Agent, we now provide land acquisition services to forest land investors and we are able to help any landowner with the sale of their property.

NFS has provided critical sustainable forestry services throughout central Pennsylvania and has earned a great reputation among forest landowners and government agencies as a “go to” business for high quality forest management work. NFS acts on our core belief that “Proper Forestry Maximizes Forest Potential.”

NFS has traditionally offered a broad range of forestry related services to private landowners and corporations in PA. Our services include; Timber Marketing, Timber Appraisals, Wildlife Management, and Forest Management Planning.

Professional Forest Management * Maximize Forest Potential

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