Hunting Lease Management

Ron Westover founded Landholders Leasing LLC in 2006.  Originally the company was created as a service to landowners in leasing oil and gas rights.  When the gas industry declined due to a falling natural gas prices, Ron transitioned in 2012 to serve  landowners as a manager of hunting lease rights.  He currently manages hunting leases in nine counties throughout Pennsylvania.

Grazing Buck

Grazing Buck

Have you considered the revenue that your land can generate from a Hunting Lease?  As a corporation, resident or non-resident landowner, leasing is both profitable and a productive use for your property. To off-set today’s ever-increasing expenses a wise choice would be establishing your property as a yearly hunting lease opportunity that would bring in additional income. Leasing will also give you the control over who will be hunting on your property.  The Lessee’s activity is an asset by sharing an invested interest in your property by deterring dumping and timber trespass. A term of the hunting lease will be liability insurance with minimum of $1,000,000/occurrence, and $2,000,000/aggregate.

Landholder’s Leasing LLC  offers land management services for corporations and private landowners.  Currently there is a demand by sportsmen to lease acreage for hunting rights.  Hunting Leases offer several advantages to landowners:

Additional Income – average $10-12 per acre annually.   Offset yearly property taxes.

  • An invested partner to report illegal invasion on your property.
  • Asset to absentee landowners by maintaining a presence on the property.
  • Discourage illegal trespassing and poaching.

Landholder’s Leasing LLC can manage a Hunting Lease Program on your property allowing you to receive recreational income without the administrative cost and time.  Our services are as follows:

  • Select hunters/clubs and draft lease to landowner’s objectives.
  • Providing Certificate of Insurance to landowner, named as Additional Insured.
  • Serve as primary hunting club contact.
  • Invoice Lessee and process payment to landowner.
  • Make field inspections as necessary of reports by Lessee of illegal invasion on property.

Please contact Ron to further discuss your opportunity to maximize the profit potential of your property.


Professional Hunting Lease Management  * Maximize Profit Potential

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