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Autumn Forest

Our manager, Ron Westover is a licensed real estate agent.  With the combination of Ron’s real estate license, NFS is unique to other Consulting firms by having the ability to assist landowners in land acquisitions and selling their land.  In Pennsylvania it is required to be a licensed real estate agent to represent, negotiate, and advertise real estate for landowners.  This limits most forestry firms from being able to sell land and timber through the normal bidding process that is used for timber.  Bidding timber sales on the open market through foresters is a well-known and trusted method for Buyers to purchase timber. Typically, timber sold through the bidding process can bring a landowner 15%-50+% more than if they sold it one their own.  NFS can capitalize on the bidding process to sell land and timber as one package.

Today many investors, both institutional and private are adding timberland to their investment portfolio.   Timber and land is an excellent investment.  Land values increase over time, timber values increase over time, and timber volumes increase over time. Trees continue to grow, and potentially increase their value regardless of what is going on in the economy.  Timber also gives an investor the opportunity to capitalize on the high markets when available.  If timber prices are down, the timber can be left on the stump to increase in volume until prices are favorable.  This is not the case in stocks or gold.    NFS can assist you and be a resource point for land purchases.

Owning land brings other benefits as well.  Traditionally, land continues to increase in value.  A unique advantage to owning land is the benefit of enjoying your investment in a tangible way.  You can use your land for hiking, camping, horseback riding, hunting, and a getaway place for you and your family.  Land brings other revenue possibilities through hunting leases, gas leases, and developing portions for multiple uses.

As a Pennsylvania woodland owner, we can help you plan out your short and long-term investment goals for your land.


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